I originally bought this one just to fix to resale. The picture above shows it after the new paint. After I spent 3 months working on the various problems and just as I had a sale set up they announced the shelter at home orders. I mean literally hours before the sale and I had to set on it for year and a half. As it turned out, the bike had a set of cams, matched s&s pipes and was tuned. It also had a Dynatec ignition and would run like a scalded dog.

The list of work performed included

  1. Front fork rebuild
  2. Front brake caliper rebuild and pads replaced
  3. Rear brake caliper rebuild and pads replaced
  4. Rear master cylinder rebuild
  5. Complete paint job ( had a few rusty spots and a place or two where the clear coat was coming off)
  6. Transmission main shaft seal replacement {was leaking)
  7. Full oil service and tune
  8. New Battery

Needless to say I was not going to let it go for free but I had a few People try. And they kept walking. I finally traded it back to the man I originally bought it from in order to get a Yamaha 650 classic with a side car. But that’s a different story.

By Randy

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