About Me

Many years ago I spent 2 years working on motorcycles. Before that I spent 11 years working in General Motors dealership’s, as a fully trained tech. The first 6 months I spent at a Yamaha, Suzuki, and SEE-DOO dealer. After that I went to work at a very small independent shop working on anything that came into the shop, be it Harley or Honda. I actually got to work on an Honda CBX. At that time it was only 6 cyl made by Honda This was before the Goldwing had 6 cylinders. I spent a year and a half working there as lead tech until the owner had trouble paying me. When I left the shop I basically just went back to working on cars for a living.

I had actually went to work on motorcycles to have a change of pace from working on cars and it worked for a while. I finally realized I was never going to get anybody to actually pay me a living wage to work in their shop so I quit and turned to plumbing to produce a living. In retrospect, I have made a damn good plumber. After I went back to working on cars and then plumbing I never could get the need for fresh air out of my system. Now, here I am many years later feeling the need to ride and work on them. Even if it is just mine I work on.